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Enjoy beautiful, shaded trails under massive redwood trees

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Half Day Hike Up to 6 people
Full Day Hike Up to 6 people


Our private tour with our knowledgeable guides gaining first-hand knowledge about the ancient Coast Redwoods in Redwood National and State Parks. In addition to their ability to reach 380 feet tall, California redwoods have the fascinating habit of regeneration, likely making these redwood organisms millions of years old! One of many great traits to learn about redwoods.

The geology, indigenous culture, and ecology of old-growth redwoods forests makes for a great story and a life-affirming morning, afternoon or full day trip with the giants.

Full-day botanical tours can be a day of all redwoods or half redwoods and half visit to the unique botany treasures of the Siskiyou mountains, which include the Darlingtonia, aka California Pitcher plant, a bizarre cobra-like carnivorous plant endemic to the Siskiyous.